Social Media for Dentist 3.0
Used as the Social Media go to guide by thousands of dentists and dental marketers.

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6 Months and hundreds of hours, that's what went into the latest version of Social Media for Dentists 3.0. Over the past 3 years we have helped thousands of dentists grow their business through social media, internet marketing and search engine optimization. This 500 page book covers EVERYTHING you need to begin marketing your practice NOW!

We give you simple directions and screenshots every step of the way. The book is easy to understand and includes step-by-step examples. Follow the strategies in this book and you'll be well on the way to cutting your online marketing cost by 90% and leaving your competition in the dust. Written in plain simple English without technical jargon. Get started today! Order By Phone: 804.615.0156

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Written by "The Social Media Dentist" Jason Lipscomb, DDS

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The Missing Business Book - Uninvisible

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Social Media

Chapter 2 - Protecting Your Practice Online

Chapter 3 - How to use Pinterest to Grow Your Practice

Chapter 4 - Twitter Mastery (Dozens of new examples)

Chapter 5 - Facebook Marketing Mastery (Awesome Series)

Chapter 6 - Google Plus and Google Places

Chapter 7 - Reviews, They Can Make or Break You

Chapter 8 - Your Mobile Dentist Practice

Chapter 9 - SEO Your Practice - Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

Chapter 10 - YouTube Mastery (YouTube has some incredible new tools!)

Chapter 11 - Video Sharing - Video Gone Viral

Chapter 12 - Email Campaign Strategies

Chapter 13 - Do I Need an Expert?

Chapter 14 - Location Based Social Media

Chapter 15 - Geolocation Marketing

Chapter 14 - Your Social Media Action Plan

Chapter 15 - Online Marketing Resources

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I had to actually cut a few chapters from the book because it was over 600 pages long. I'm going to make the bonus chapters available as free downloads for everyone that purchases the book.

* Bing Mastery - The Search Engine Behind Facebook
* Yahoo Mastery - How to Optimize your Yahoo Presence

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* 2 Bonus Chapters
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